Best Companion Plants For Turnip

    Turnips are easy-to-grow plants, but companion plants significantly boost their production. Planting any of the following partners will improve turnips’ health and yield.

    Catnip Plant

    The catnip plant is one of the most beneficial partners for the turnip plant. It is a perennial herbaceous plant. Yet, the plant’s lifespan can be brief.

    Catnip is also known as catswort. The plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family, native to Central Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe and China.

    This plant can grow up to 100 cm in height. Flowers bloom from late spring through the end of autumn.

    Companion plants for turnips are a fantastic strategy to increase crop production. Insects and pests can be kept at bay and a plentiful harvest achieved by cultivating at least two other crops alongside turnips. Continue reading to grow what can be cultivated using turnips.

    – Garlic

    Allium sativum, the garlic plant, grows from a bulb. It is a perennial plant that belongs to the onion family. It is native to Central Asia but is now used worldwide as an herb and seasoning.

    – Garlic Chives

    The Liliaceae family includes Allium tuberosum, also known as garlic chives. Despite having a root that resembles an onion, it cannot be eaten like onions. The blossoms on garlic chives are exquisite. The plants can grow a height of 15 inches and are hardy.

    – Thyme

    Thymus vulgaris, sometimes known as thyme plants, is a more decorative plant. They are widely used in the culinary and medical industries as well. Either seeds or cuttings can be used to multiply this plant. Thyme plants are drought tolerant and perennial.

    The best time to propagate them is during the spring. Growing them requires well-drained soil and bright sunlight.

    – Onion

    Allium cepa, or onion plants, are a common vegetable in cuisines worldwide. It can grow at the height of 18 inches and is biennial.

    – Peas

    This annual is planted between the winter and early summer months. The plant demands a soil temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit and a chilly climate.

    – Broccoli

    Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family. It is usually cultivated with turnips and is a typical vegetable that is rich in Vitamin C. These plants have short stems and a large flowering head. The stalk includes tiny leaves that are also edible.

    – Cabbage

    This beautiful green vegetable is a wonderful complement to turnips. Plants of the standard white and green type and the red variety are biennials. Typically, they are grown as an annual crop.

    – Vetch (Vicia sativa)

    Vicia sativa, sometimes known as vetch, is a nitrogen-fixing plant in the Fabaceae family. This sturdy plant is frequently utilized as green manure or animal feed. The finest companion plants for turnips include vetch.

    Bad Companion for Turnip

    Companion plants promote the turnip’s health. The plant attracts beneficial insects while repelling those that are harmful. Now that you are aware of the beneficial plants that can be planted with turnips, here are a few plants that you should avoid as partners.

    – Horse Radish

    Because it can hinder turnip growth, this plant is not a good turnip companion.

    – Potatoes

    When compared to onions, potatoes are not a suitable pairing. The potato plant competes with the turnip plant for root space. It may even absorb a significant portion of the soil nutrients required by the turnip plant.

    – Hedge Mustard

    Additionally, hedge mustard belongs to the turnip family. This plant may grow tall and attracts cabbage whites with relative ease. The plant will restrict the growth of turnips, making it unsuitable as a companion plant.

    – Knotweed

    Avoid cultivating knotweed near turnips. Turnips can be damaged by this plant, as it hinders their growth and damages their roots and soil.

    – Root Vegetables

    Root vegetables are the worst partner crops for growing with turnips. They compete with turnips for nourishment and also occupy underground space. They also absorb the majority of the soil’s moisture.


    Can carrots and turnips be planted together?

    Carrots have roots,hence they are not a suitable companion plant for turnips. There will be competition for both space and food.

    Is it possible to plant cucumbers with turnips?

    Cucumbers pair nicely with turnips as companion plants because they do not spread. They neither compete with turnips for nutrients nor occupy vital underground space.

    Can turnips be planted with tomatoes?

    Both turnips and tomato plants thrive in the vicinity of one another. Insects or other pests cannot infect turnips from tomatoes.This renders them the ideal partner.

    Can I grow turnips with tomatoes?

    Turnips do well in the presence of tomato plants and they flourish well together. Tomatoes do not put turnips at risk of being infected by insects or pests. This makes them the perfect pair.

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