How To Grow Acidanthera?

If you live in an urban area and have a variety of embellishing gardens around, or your garden has extended borders to fill. And nature has made a different style and a genuinely versatile and flourishing plant that is most instant and simple to grow and care for, that will also suit any stylish garden theme.

Trendy going plant, Acidanthera Murielae is also commonly known as Abyssinian gladiolus. That is because it likes to absorb sunlight and is perfect for growing that plant in pots and on borders, which will shine up your garden with its long-lasting fragrance with amazing white-colored attractive flowers from July or august to autumn. However, this plant works very well in a stylish cottage garden.

This plant is a late summer gem that is lovely looking, which gives a fresh burst to the garden. Gracefully and with an airy look, its purple, white flower blooms and appears above neat sword-like foliage at the top of the stem. Planting this sword lily in groups provides a soft, gentle look that brings movements to the planting scheme and makes it impressive-looking with a heady fragrance. Above its attractive features are unique-looking cut flowers that create a fantastic arrangement with all these beautiful features.

In this detailed guide, we tell you all about the acidanthera, its features, and how to grow this lily sword? Benefits of increasing acidanthera, instructions and guidelines about planting acidanthera, and its care.
Hence have a look at this precisely described guide!


Gladiolus acidanthera is a perfect south African wildflower. The lily sword flower blooms in mid-summer gracefully. Along with their flowers, they have a strong sweet fragrance which helps to make bouquets more beautiful.

Features of Acidanthera

  1. It grows from corms.
  2. Planting blooms in full sun.
  3. It has a height of 80cm-1m, and it spreads up to 15cm.
  4. Acidanthera murielae induces scanty flowers.
  5. It looks as embellishing as cut flowers.
  6. Suitable to grow them in containers and on the side of the border.
  7. Acidanthera must be planted in spring but blooms in late summer.
  8. Primarily grown in garden soil.

How To Grow Acidanthera Murielae?

Acidanthera murielae is an African plant that is sun-loving and drought resistant and grows very well in the garden. They need minimal effort to produce a friendly, lovely easy show. They are annual and can survive in Winter, in central area of the Uk. However, they are also climbed in Autumn and can be kept for winter.

Acidanthera corms

Acidanthera grows from corms, that has a bulb like shape with copper-colored exteernal lining. One can plant these corms , must be 20cm deep , a single corm can be planted singly into each hole, with plant facing skywards.

Where to plant Acidanthera?

Acidanthera can grow in any soil at the sunniest spot. But happily in pots, an area where their scent and attractive flowers will look stunning. Also, you can plant them with other annual or foliage plants, and they will view as impressive plant. They will be best produced with groups of six or more so that their delicate and soft stem can make tremendous impacts.

Benefits Of Growing Acidanthera

Here are some of the benefits of growing this acidanthera murielae :

  • Effortless and straightforward to produce.
  • Has longer blooming time.
  • It attracts hummingbirds, as well as they are deer resistant.
  • It can be grown in a container.
  • Best for cut flowers.

Planting Instructions & Guidelines for Acidanthera

For planting acidanthera murielae, we have some guidelines to follow while planting this lily sword plant.

  • This plant must be grown in the spring season; avoid developing it in shady areas as it is a sun-loving plant.
  • If there is a cold temperature, grow it in a pot, or initiate growing it in a cool greenhouse, then shift it out later.
  • Select a pot that is a bit heavier, and use a loam-based or multipurpose compost at least 30cm in diameter and 30cm deep.
  • Partially fill up a container with soil and seed up the corms but pointy sides facing upward fill the container with compost and position bulbs, pointy side upward, and you need around 7-9 corms.
  • Once the bulb is at perfect place , put up a container with compost more upto the most upper layer, allow some space to enable watering.
  • After planting, water the pot evenly to make sure the soil is soaked evenly. You must be watering the plant daily so that dirt does not become dry.
  • Suppose you are planting straightly in your garden boarders , then hold for some time so that it becomes warm in spring.
  • Use a spade to make a hole 15-20cm deep, plant only one corm in each spot, and coat it with soil.
  • Do watering regularly.

Care Of Acidanthera

Acidanthera is tender perennial, meaning they can produce each year if stored correctly in cold weather. However, this plant would not survive in typical cold weather for a more extended period. So if you live in a mild area, and the shaded area of the garden manages the freezing frost in winter or cold days , then Abyssinian gladioli , in end of growing season grows greatly.
You can safely enjoy the purple-white flowers of acidanthera right up to the autumn. If your plant is growing in pots, then you can move the pool to cool areas, and leave them until the following spring.

Is acidanthera a perennial?

Acidanthera is a perennial! Its foliage adds perfect-looking texture to perennial borders. The late summer flowers are always surprised when all other perennials have already gone. When there is no perennial, then you may enjoy the Acidenthera’s killing scent in your garden.

How tall do acidanthera get?

Its blooming time is 60-100 days after planting, which means from mid-summer to winter. Its height goes 18-24″ inches tall.

Does acidanthera come back every year?

An acidanthera murielae are tender perennials, which means they come back every year if they get proper upkeep, care, and maintenance in winter.

When should I plant acidanthera?

An acidanthera plant is effortless, easy, and simple to grow and care for. The acidanthera bulbs should be planted in early spring in full sun when the frost has passed. However, this plant grows slowly throughout the first half of the season.

Do gladiolus bloom more than once?

No! They will not bloom more than once in a season. However, home gardeners can put efforts for continuous blooming in the gladiolus bed throughout its blooming season.

How many years do gladiolus bulbs last?

Most gladiolus bulbs, if collected and stored correctly, can be kept for about 12-months for planting purposes. However, the long-lasting of a flowering bulb is greatly determined by the amount of storage provided.

Therefore, Acidanthera is a late summer blooming plant with a beautiful fragrance that makes your garden more splendid. It is the member of the gladiolus family that has upright sword-like foliage. It induces flowers and wonderful fragrance in your garden in late summer when all the perennials have gone. Abyssinian gladiolus is a sun-loving plant and needs regular watering for perfect blooming.
In this article guide, we have described all about the acidanthera, its features, how to grow this lily sword? Benefits of increasing acidanthera, instructions and guidelines about planting acidanthera, and its care. Also, in the faqs portion, we have tried to clear all your queries.
Have splendid gardening!

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