How To Grow & Care Pom Pom Flowers?

The Pom pom plants, also known as chrysanthemums, are annual flowering plants famous for their beautiful colorful blooms.

Moreover, the plant belongs to the family of Asteraceae. The pompom flowers occur in various colors, including white, yellow, cream, and pink.

However, pink pom flowers are rare to find. The Pom pom plant has been native to China for centuries. Additionally, the pom flowers are part of ancient Chinese art.

Planting the beautiful Pompom tree in your indoor and outdoor garden is unchallenging and full of fun. Also, you would enjoy seeing the vibrant flowers when growing perfectly.

Similarly, if you are obsessed with the stunning plant and want to add it to your favorite spot, learn how to plant and care for the pom flower plant.

Facts About Pom Pom Flower Plant

Botanical NameChrysanthemum
NativeAsia, Europe, and South Africa
Colors of FlowersWhite, purple, red, green, and yellow pom plant blooms
LightAt least 5 to 6 hours of full sunlight
LocationDry areas are ideal to consider for growing pom pom flower plant
SoilSoil having 6.5 pH is perfect. Additionally, well-drained sandy, loamy, and fertile soil is required.
PestsAphids and Spider mites

Growing Pompoms Outdoors

Growing Pompoms outdoor is a loveable idea that would help to add more vibrant colors to your garden. You must require sowing out the pom pom flower seeds for growing purposes in the late spring season.

After sowing chrysanthemum pom pom seeds, you need to cover the seeds effectively. The plant grows adequately in sunny and semi-shaded spots that consist of moist and poor soil. 

Read the next heading if you are more interested in growing pompoms indoors.

Growing Pompoms Indoors

When it comes to growing pompoms indoors, it takes a lot of time to sprout the pom pom plant seed. However, one must start planting about 7 to 9 weeks before putting them outdoors.

Therefore, the best is to prepare the plant after the last frost of spring and then, when getting ready, keep them outdoors.

Usually, the plant takes 2 to 3 weeks to germinate when growing at a temperature of 18 to 24 degrees celsius or (64 to 75°F).

Soil And Feeding Requirements

When planting pompoms, the soil must be well-drained, moist, and full of nutrients; it also contains approximately a pH level. 6.5.

Furthermore, when growing indoors, you need to add fertilizers also on an annual basis. Or the feeding would be required when the plant starts blooming and is most suitable in the spring season.


Water carefully to your indoor pom pom flower plant because the delicate roots can damage the access water supply.

However, keeping the soil moist is mandatory. Light and shallow watering are ideal when your plant is immature and small.


The pompoms need five to six hours of adequate sunlight a day to prevail ideally. However, when planting indoors is hard to get adequate sunlight for the plants. Still, indirect and bright diffuse sunlight can also serve the best results.

Similarly, try keeping the pots in windows so that the plant can receive the required sunlight and can thrive ideally.


There are two ways of propagating his plant: chrysanthemum pom pom seeds, while the second is through cuttings. The pom pom plant seed propagation can be done by placing pom pom flower seeds directly into the potting mix.

To plant through cuttings, you need to cut 3 to 4 inches from the stems’ ends, and strip leaves from the lower 1 to 2 inches adequately.

Before placing the stem into the soil, ensure the soil is well moist. Then, place the cuttings into the soil vertically. After that, it is essential to water the stems regularly for at least the next two weeks.

How to Grow and Care For A Pothos Plant?

Over time, you may observe the growth and well-established roots. Then, you can transfer the mums to other large containers.

Pom Pom Plant Care

Pom pom plant care is all about providing adequate water, availability of nutrient soil, the addition of fertilizer, pruning, and keeping the pom pom flower plant in required sunlight. However, watering plays the most crucial part in making the plant strong and increasing its growth. Therefore, it is necessary to provide plenty of water to the new plant for weeks to establish the roots in the right way. Whereas, please don’t go for overwatering because it can badly damage the thin new roots.

For soil, the sandy, loamy and mixed soil is ideal. However, frequent aeration is required accordingly to improve drainage if you grow in the clay soil.


Pom pom plant care needs regular pruning of dead blossoms, leaves, and stems. Similarly, removing old flower stimulation is beneficial in producing new blooms.

What Are The Purple Flowers That Look Like Pom Poms?

The most popular and recognizable flowers are the large, pom-pom like alliums such as ‘Purple Sensation’, giganteum, and ‘Globemaster’. These flowers tower over the garden and produce large lollipops made up of many tiny flowers.

What Are The Pom Pom Flowers Called?

Spray mums, or poms, are another name for potted flowers. A spray flower growth implies that one stem within a tall forest of blooms produces clusters of flowers. Consider the difference between long-stemmed roses available on Valentine’s Day and the little rose bouquets you see during wedding ceremonies.

How Long Do Pom Flowers Last?

Flowers may last for about a week, but if you properly nurture them, your blooms will be bright for approximately seven to twelve days.

Can You Grow Chrysanthemums In Pots?

Yes, one can consider planting the Chrysanthemums in pots and containers too. But the pot must have drainage holes at the bottom. Growing the pompoms indoors in pots can work well, especially when the outside weather is freezing and harsh.

What Are The Flowers That Look Like Pom Poms?

The flower that looks like pom poms is named “Alliums.” The Alliums flowers are precisely like pompoms and like flowers in The Lorax.


If you want to transform your outdoor garden with wonderful attractive colorful pom pom flowers, grow them now. But make sure the spot you chose is perfect for the plant’s growth. Also, if you want to grow indoors, remember to keep it in bright light. Hence, the key to making your plants flourish is to serve them adequate water and well-drained soil so that one would not observe growth issues.

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