Star of Bethlehem Flower Plant: How to Care and Propagate


Star of Bethlehem, also known as Ornithogalum umbellatum, is a winter bulb that belongs to the lily family. The star of Bethlehem flower blooms in the season of late spring and early summer.

Furthermore, the plant is native to the Mediterranean region. Star of Bethlehem plant contains beautiful foliage, arching leaves, and attractive colorful flowers. These flowers are the best way to transform your dull garden into the most appealing one.

But most gardeners recommend growing sun star plants in pots or containers. When in bloom, the plant seems attractive, but somehow it is not suitable for other native plant life.

Moreover, it’s hard to eradicate the plant once planted. That’s why most gardeners stopped cultivating the star of the Bethlehem plant because of its disadvantages.

This article will mention how to propagate, care for, and maintain the Ornithogalum star of the Bethlehem flower plant. Also, you can find interesting facts about this sun star plant.

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Star of Bethlehem Facts

The sun star plant performs well and thrives when planted in beds with other ornamental bulbs; one can observe growth within weeks.

However, once planted, it’s hard to get rid of the star of the Bethlehem plant and bulbs. Most people keep on growing star plants regardless of knowing the drawbacks. They are just impressed with the beauty of the star of Bethlehem flower and desire to add these to their garden to make the place alluring.

In comparison, growing star plants in containers and pots are relatively safe. However, most botanists recommend not to plant it because it is a noxious weed that is not supposed to grow as an ornamental.

At the same time, some suggest that Ornithogalum star of Bethlehem flowers are ideal companion plants for early blooming dianthus and hellebores.

Another fact about the sun star plant is, it has been used in floral arrangements in many unique and religious events. The sun starflower is considered a sign of purity, innocence, honesty, hope, and forgiveness.

Propagating Star of Bethlehem Plants

Plants of the Ornithogalum family, including the star of the Bethlehem plant, can be grown through the seeds, offset bulbs, and roots. To learn growing star plants with seeds, keep on reading.

  • Firstly, you will require seeds, a mixture of peat moss, and perlite. Sow the seed then into the mix and cover it with the light peat moss.
  • Next, one needs to seal the flat in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator for three weeks.
  • After that, pick the semi-shady spot in your garden and plant the seed adequately and leave it for germination. Keep the water well moist.
  • Now, when you see the leaves are developing, it’s time to shift the plant to the final location.
  • After placing to the last spot, one needs to add water when required and take care of the plant. So, in the next four years, Ornithogalum sun star can effectively produce their first flowers.

Another best way to propagate the star of the Bethlehem plant is through offset bulbs. It can be done when you remove the lead of Bethlehem bulbs from the cluster and plant them in 4-inch-deep soil in spring and summer.

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Star of Bethlehem Care

Star of Bethlehem bulbs is supposed to plant in 4 inches deep with the pointed end facing up.

Moreover, there should be 4 inches of space between each bulb. If you are growing a sun star plant outside in cold weather, add a 3inch layer of mulch over the star of Bethlehem bulbs.

So, it can protect the plant from harsh and cruel weather conditions. Then, when spring arrives, you can remove the mulch from the plant.


The plant can grow well in partial shade, whereas to thrive in the best way, it needs 6 hours of full sunlight effectively. Furthermore, the sun star flower also demands direct sunlight to bloom perfectly.


Loamy soil best suits the star of the Bethlehem plant. However, the soil should be well-drained and not contain clogged. Otherwise, water clogged can create rot.


Immature sun star plants need regular watering; similarly, it must keep the soil moist when the plant is young. At the same time, mature plants are somehow drought-tolerant but do not let the soil completely dry. Well, moist soil is the key to healthy and large sun star plants. Also, when you feel the soil is dry, keep watering adequately.

Additionally, supplemental watering is not required when the plant is dormant, as the need for moisture is diminished at that time.

Temperature and Humidity

The plant can grow ideally in warm temperatures; it requires well moist soil and adequate sunlight.


The plant flourishes best when growing in rich nutrient soil. However, mixing compost into the soil can promote growth positively; do this in spring.


When the plant is blooming, you would require pruning and removing tangled foliage from the plant. However, if the foliage is green, then you don’t need to remove it. Whereas, if it turns orange and becomes dead, it is required to clean it and make your plant attractive.


Sun star plant care includes prevention from harmful pests and diseases. Similarly, the plant is healthy and doesn’t contain severe pests and disease issues.

Moreover, it grows rapidly and adequately from time to time and multiplies the bulbs effectively. Also, the plant spreads through self-seeding; sometimes, gardeners get frustrated of its this attribute. However, growing star plant within the landscape barrier is the best idea to protect other plants from sun star plants.


The plants can provide an ultimate appealing look to the boring beds of your garden. However, before growing a star plant, it’s best if you follow some precautionary steps.

Otherwise, you would find ways to get rid of the star Bethlehem flower plant all the time. Because once it is planted ideally, it’s hard to eradicate the plant.

Thus, the plant can create issues for your other favorite plants. On the other hand, growing star plants in barriers can save your time and effort. Also, you can enjoy lovely star-shaped blooms.

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