How To Stake Tomatoes?

A tomato plant is a naturally scattering plant that amazes some non-gardeners. But gardeners know that a tomato plant is not like a cucumber, a crawler plant with tendrils that help the cucumber grow.

However, common tomato plants are scattered all across the ground until and unless you bound or support them with a stake or tomato cages. For improving the quality and quantity of tomato plants, staking could result in higher productivity. And staking tomatoes will help plants to be healthier.

Therefore every garden owner or farmer is searching for the best ways to stake tomatoes. Go through this article to learn how to stake tomatoes and the top best ways to stake tomatoes. The precise detail below describes staking tomatoes and their benefits and drawbacks.

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Staking Tomatoes

The standard and original way to stake tomatoes are by binding a tomato plant to a stake, cage, or string. Usually, tomato stakes are made of wood, bamboo, plastic, etc. However, you can also find some artificial tomato stakes at stores and plant nurseries.

Best Stuff for Tomato Staking

Stake itself

It’s your choice whether to use bamboo wood metal or plastic stake. Ultimately, both work the same for tomato plants. The main two things that must consider are, is it convenient for you? ( you must be convenient with price, its long-lasting, availability, durability) and the second thing is its appearance (whether it will look good in your pretty garden or not ?)

The tether

There are varieties of options to choose from. Each option is adequate for your plant to the stakes: coconut fiber, raffia, plastic tomato clips, coated wires, and hemp strings. But the expert gardeners recommend using natural material that is more flexible and softer. And will be kind to the plant, also will not cause injury to the plant stem on windy days.

Five Best ways of Tomato staking

There are some incredible ways to stake Tomatoes. So have a look!

The Tomato cage

There are varieties of cages available that have better performance than cheaper cones. You can build your cage by using strong wood or metals. You can buy ready-made cages for tomato plants.

The best option is that you should only grow some tomato plants every year so that you don’t have to train your tomatoes. It might be expensive if you harvest many tomato plants in your garden.

Florida Weave

Large commercial tomato farms have excellent growing techniques. I don’t want to admire all their growing techniques, although I want to admire their trellis! They use a process called The Florida weave tomatoes.

Florida weaves tomatoes, chiefly twists tomato wrap between posts and plants to keep holding plants and fruits. With this, you can avoid using more stakes in your garden.

Single Stake

This single stake is the best option to support tomato plants for many years. Insert the stake in the ground near your tomato plant, tie it to the stem with a string or yarn, and repeat the same process as the plant grows.

This method would be fantastic if you draw off the suckers to leave one chief stem. The plant gets older and more prominent. You loop off the plant with strings and make a twine tomato cage around the plant.

You can use any technique, either suckers and strings, to stake rubber bamboo or any other available technique.

Although you have to consider the variety of tomato plants, either they are indeterminate or determinate. If it is an indeterminate type, you should use taller and stronger stakes. While if there is a shorter determinate variety, then it will be OK with the support of wood bamboo.

Vertical String Tomato Trellis

A vertical string trellis is the most common way to support tomato plants grown in a greenhouse. You can use this method in gardens and farms of tomatoes.

It would help if you made a supporting frame such as A-shape to support the string. Now tie the string to the upper side of the frame. You can loop it too around the tomato plant.

Additionally, you can also use tomato clips. You also have to keep the tomato plant trimmed to one stem with this method. However, it’s an ideal way of staking for those who don’t have a lot of space.

Fence Panel

Wire fencing can also give your plant stable support, the most used method for many years. And too simple to make a fence panel. It would help if you had 2-pound metal t-posts in the ground and then straightened your fencing wire between them. Then tie up the stem with a cord, as if you use a single stake.

We can use these combinations of ways in our garden to stake tomatoes. However, fencing panels look pretty nice, but Florida weave is the best option if you have many tomato plants on your farm each year.

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Why should you stake tomatoes?

Most important, that tomato crawling looks complex in a pretty garden. But the reason to support or stake is to make it artistic and beautiful. As it can justify it with many valid reasons why tomato staking is essential?

  • Allowing them to crawl along the ground may induce many diseases and rotten fruits in the garden if they are laid down on the wet ground.
  • Unstaked plant fruit is more approachable to pests and insects that will eat them.
  • If a tomato plant grows vertically with supports, strings, tomato cage, and tomato clips.
  • Training tomato plants to grow vertically with the help of tomato staking saves space in your garden.
  • One drawback of vertical plants is that they consume more water.
Type of supportProsCons
Tomato CageThe easiest way to support a plant.
No need to tie.

Perfect for small to medium size plants.

Cover up plants on all sides.

Less or no pruning.  
For harvesting, you have to reach through the grid.
Tomato StakeA stake is ideal for tight spaces.


Easy method.

>ncredible for a garden.
A plant needs heavy pruning, which leads to less fruit production.  

Thus, the chief reason for staking tomatoes is to support tomato plants and keep plants off the ground. That will ultimately reduce the loss of fruit rotting. Hence, this detailed guidance considering the advantages and disadvantages of staking tomatoes can help you know about one of the best methods to stake tomatoes.
Have happy and healthy gardening!
And everything in the garden is lovely and rosy!

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