Rain Lily Plant | How To Grow Lily Plants?

Introduction About Lily Plant

The Lily Plant is an herbaceous plant which produces by the rain lily bulbs to grow zephyr flowers. It belongs to the blooming plant in which they have large and in different colors flowers. They work as ornamental plants that help to enhance the beauty of the environment.

Scientific Name and Family of Lily Plant

The botanical name of the lily is Lilium. It belongs to the family of Liliaceae. However, people usually know the plant by its common term that is “lily.”

What Is Magic Lily?

After mid of the summer season, the magic Lilies grow the zypher flower. The flowers reach about eight inches long, and they are dainty long flowers. They are without the leafless stem. The magic lily plant can stay dormant in the winter or cold season. The seeds of the magic lily should sow o about 5 inches in dept. The distance between each magic lily should be 6 to 8 inches. You can increase the life of lily flowers by water supply on time and within limits. The surprise lily is the species of the magic lily that have poison in some parts. You can research the surprise lily, and its botanical name is Lycoris.

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What Is A Fairy Lily?

The zephyr fairy plant reaches a height of about more than 25 inches. The blossom season for white zephyranthes and pink zephyranthes is in the late spring season. However, it may take the summer season and fall season as well for blooming. Thinning the excess amount of foliage and discard or cut off the dead lower to let the new one grow. For your guidance, you can go through the maintenance tips of the fairy lily bulbs.

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How Deep To Plant Agapanthus Bulbs?

The agapanthus requires a depth of about 2 to 3 inches, and the lily spacing should be about 1 to 3 feet. The soil should have enough organic matter to thrive in the lily plant; bulbs add compost into the ground and mix them well before planting the agapanthus. The whole period of growing agapanthus takes almost 2 to 3 years. But for more information about planting them, you can review them here.

What Is Rain Lily?

Rain lily is a common name of the zypheranthes, which is a wild tropical plant. The rain lily zone is the reason for its name because the zephyranthes seeds require a tricky location. The delicate rain flower plant is beneficial for filling the small area of the home garden. The reason is that they grow by natural work like other mature plants. The best time of lily flower growing season is summer. The pink rain lily bulbs are toxic because they contain poisonous alkaloids. They can severely attack your body if you ingest them. Look out for some more information about the pink rain lily bulbs.

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Varieties of the Lily Plant

There are several varieties of the lily plant, and you will be amazed after studying about them. But here we are discussing some vast or significant types.

Asiatic Hybrid Lily Plant

These hybrid lily plants grow in various colors: yellow rain lily, rain lily red, white zephyranthes, etc. The stem height reaches about three to four inches. The zephyr flower grows without fragrance and has a diameter of about five inches. The time of harvesting comes when the lower bud show color but is not open. The stem cutting should take place at an angle of 45 degrees. These rain lily in water grows well. But avoid making the soil soggy. The reason is that the water supply can maintain the life of the lily flower.

American Hybrid Lily Plant

They belong to the native lily plant of North America. The rain lily bulbs require the late months of the spring season in warmer climates to the mid of summer season months in a cold environment.

Martagon Hybrid Lily Plant

The zypher flower grows in small size, and its position is downward. The foliage grows in a whorl position. The shelter and cold climate are the best growing conditions to grow well. After sowing lily seeds of this hybrid, they face some troubles. But after taking time to establish, they are ready to grow.

Trumpet And Aurelian Lily Plant

The trumpet lily plant starts blooming in the late summer season. They require full sun for blooming and a cold climate for plant development. The proper rowing condition can help in growing the magic lilies perfectly. The stem of the plant is about 60 inches long.

Longiflorum Hybrid Lily Plant

These lilies are commonly known as Easter lilies. They are white rain lilies, and they have a pleasing fragrance or scent. The zypher flower grows in trumpet shape and reaches the size almost six to seven inches long. The white zypheranthes are the native lily plant of Japan and Taiwan. They require a perfect location or site for blooming. Otherwise, the lily seeds can quickly grow in the garden soil.

Oriental Hybrid Lily Plant

Typically the oriental lily plant reaches a height of approximately five inches. The lily flower is about six to eight inches long. The petals of the flower grow strongly with the upright faces. The blooming time of the lily plant starts from the summer season to the fall season. Try to avoid soil pH in alkaline form. The reason is that they don’t grow in alkaline soil. If you have alkaline soil, they grow them indoors by using pots or containers. They are the popular lily plant variety due to their attractive scent.

Interdivisional Hybrid Lily Plant

These lilies can grow large-sized flowers, and their shape is flat. The zephyr flower has a beautiful scent. The flowers reach almost about four to seven inches long.

Candidum Hybrid Lily Plant

The magic lily is an ancient white lily plant. Due to its old white version, they are known as Madonna. People usually call it the old lily plant because it comes from ancient Greece, Crete, and Mesopotamia. These magic lily grow in different variants of the European style. Their blooming time comes in late spring and early summer. They are also known as yellow rain lily because there is white rain lily with a yellow base. Check out some other common varieties of the lily plant.

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How to Grow Lily Flower Plants?

Read some best ways to grow the lily plant adequately.

How to Collect Rain Lily Seeds?

  • When the blooms produce from the lily plant, then take small and green seed pods from it.
  • Pick the seed pods when you realize they are in yellow and open.
  • The seeds pod ae become ready within six to eight weeks.
  • Place the seed in an open area to let them dry.
  • You can use a towel or other fabric to dry them.
  • Hold the seed in front of the light to see the presence of the embryo.
  • If there is embryo presence, that is good.
  • Otherwise, throw out the seed that has no embryo.
  • Preserve the seed pods in a plastic bag in a dry and calm environment.
  • When your seed sowing time is near, then let the seed store in the refrigerator.
  • While preserving in the fridge, add peat moss and a few tablespoons of water into the plastic bag.
  • Keep watching the seed condition.
  • When you realize the sprouting, then it’s time to sow them in the soil.

When Should You Plant Lily Seeds?

  • The best time for sowing lily seeds is in the spring season.
  • But zephyranthes seeds can also sow in the late fall season.
  • The temperature of the zephyr garden soil should be less than 60 degrees.
  • After that, the leaves or foliage production takes place within a few weeks.
  • The lily flower growing season takes place in the summer season.
  • The depth of sowing lily plant seeds should be 1/4 or 1/2 inches.
  • The temperature should range from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The seedlings become apparent within six weeks.
  • Zephyr lily bulbs require up to three months to get ready for transplanting.
  • Now, it’s time to transplant them outdoor. Look out for the tips and tricks of rain lily planting.

How to Propagate Rain Lilies?

  • Fill the pot with the organic potting soil, coarse sand and supply water in a small amount.
  • Gently press the ground with the help of equipment or your hand.
  • Sprinkle the lily plant seeds on the soil.
  • Then cover the seeds with the potting soil. Finally, have a look at the detailed review on tricks and tips of planting rain lily plants.

How Long Does It Take For Lilies To Sprout?

The lily shrub bulb requires almost 12 to 15 weeks to introduce the sprouting. The sprouting takes place under temperatures ranging from 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The sprouting comes out in the summer to the fall season. For sprouting the spring, lily care is essential. Now you have an answer to how long do lily seeds take to grow.

How to Take Care of Yellow Lilies?

  • Rain lily care is matters a lot. First, apply water in the summer and spring seasons.
  • After blooming, remove the leaves or foliage in place because they take full sunlight and continue their food production process.
  • The removal of foliage may cause the dormancy of the plant.
  • Provide rets to your lily plant after blooming.

How to Make Rain Lilies Bloom?

Adequate water supply is the source to raise the zypher flowers. Sometimes the foliage becomes dry or dead due to lack of water. But after resuming, the flow of water can give them another chance to live.

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Rain Lily Uses

  • The rain lily flower helps to maintain the heartbeat.
  • The lily plant is the cure for many other heart problems.
  • It helps to cure the infection of the urinary tract.
  • The zephyr flower keeps you away from kidney stones.
  • It helps to lessen the contraction in labor.
  • You can fix the disease epilepsy with the help of rain lily.
  • It provides fluid retention.
  • Rain plant plays a vital role in curing strokes.
  • You can cure paralysis attach with the help of the rain lily plant.
  • It can cur serious eyes infection.
  • You can use the lily plant for many other conditions or health problems.

Rain Lily Side Effects

  • Most people use lily plants without a doctor’s supervision, and it is very critical or dangerous.
  • Self-medication of rain lily is a bit unsafe.
  • The misuse of zephyranthes can cause many heart problems.
  • It may disturb your heart system.
  • In self-medication, the people intake the dose of the rain lily plant under their supervision.
  • The quantity of any medication depends on the health progress.
  • If you have to intake the lily plant unintentionally, then run to the doctor for treatment.
  • Zephyr lily can lead to various health problems. For example, vomiting, lessening the responsiveness and consciousness, headache, irregular heart rate, and eye vision.

Special Tips for Precautions

  • The intake of lily plant medication is very critical during pregnancy.
  • Especially avoid self-medication when you are pregnant. Also, avoid taking the rain plant under the doctor’s supervision.
  • Otherwise, the doctor should have been aware of it. Still, you have to be careful.
  • In case your doctor recommends you for your best according to your health progress during pregnancy. Then you can take it under supervision.
  • However, it is hazardous to intake rain lily without the recommendation of a doctor.
  • If you already have a potassium deficiency problem, then avoid taking the lily plant.
  • The reason behind this is that the lily plant carries chemicals in which the cardiac glycosides are also present.
  • The cardiac glycoside chemical can lead the potassium deficiency. So it can make it worse by decreasing your potassium level.
  • After that, you may face heart problems due to an extreme lack of potassium in your body.


The lily plant has different varieties which produce other zephyr flowers. In addition, there are rain lily uses related to health problems. For example, they help to maintain or cure heart problems. But under the supervision or recommendation of a doctor, the zephyranthus are reliable to use. Otherwise, the zephyr lily is a risky element though for pregnant women and either normal human beings.

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