How Far Apart To Plant Eggplant?

Quick Facts:

  • Eggplant should be planted 45.5 to 76 cm apart
  • Eggplant needs warm weather to grow.
  • When buying plants at a local nursery, choose sturdy plants that grow to be no taller than one foot.
  • After the overnight low temperature has surpassed 50°F, move the plant outside.
  • Use mulch to warm the soil and lessen root damage.

An ideal space for planting eggplants:

For best results, space eggplants 16 to 18 inches apart on both sides from neighboring plants. Rows in traditional row gardens should be 30 inches apart.

How deep to plant eggplant?

Planting eggplants requires knowing how deep to plant your eggplants. Generally, the sowing depth should not go deeper than 5 to 10 mm to improve the growth of your eggplants.

Eggplant planting distance in cm:

The distance between eggplant plants should be between 45.5 and 76 cm.

What Happens When You Plant Eggplants Too Closely?

In the garden, the spacing between rows of vegetables should be wide enough to allow room for weeds to grow without interfering with each other.

Make sure they’re not crowded when planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, melons, beans, peas, onions, garlic, shallots, and herbs.

Crowded crops reduce yields because they compete for sunlight, water, nutrients, and pests. Space your crops evenly, so they get plenty of sun and airflow.

How far apart should you plant eggplant in a raised bed?

A raised bed is a mounded bed of dirt raised above the adjacent level. If you want eggplant roots to extend below and outward, you need a deep, wide area to grow in. Place eggplants 2.5 to 3 feet apart in raised beds that will warm up rapidly in the spring.

Can two or more eggplants be planted together?

When planting two or more eggplants together, you will have difficulty harvesting them when they are mature. So you should plant eggplants apart so you can harvest them quickly when the plants start blooming.

How far apart should you plant Japanese eggplant?

If you are growing Japanese eggplants, you’ll need a lot of space. You can plant your baby eggplants in your backyard garden when the weather warms up.

Seedlings should be planted at least two to three feet apart without damaging the root ball and one inch deep.

How many eggplant seeds per hole?

Seeds should be planted one per hole, pushed down an inch, and covered loosely with soil, keeping the seed moist. When planting eggplant seedlings, choose plants that are four inches tall.

How many eggplants do you get from one seed?

Black Beauty is the traditional eggplant size and produces four to six large round fruits per plant. Egg-shaped, glossy, purple-black fruit is typical of the standard eggplant.

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