How Far Apart To Plant Cucumbers?

Wondering how far apart to plant cucumbers for the best yield?

Cucumbers are a great addition to any garden, and there are many ways to plant them for the best results. Check out our guide on how far apart to plant cucumbers and get started with this delicious vegetable today!

With a little effort, you can have a bountiful harvest of cucumbers that will last all season long. Follow our guide on spacing and planting techniques, and you’ll enjoy home-grown cucumbers in no time!

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Cucumber Depth of Planting:

Depending on the cultivar, sow seeds 1 inch deep and roughly 3 to 5 feet apart in a row (see seed packet for details)—place seeds or plants 1 foot apart for vines planted on a trellis. Additionally, cucumbers can be planted in mounds (or “hills”) 1 to 2 feet apart, with 2 to 3 seeds per mound.

Cucumber plant Spacing:

Plant as directed on the seed packaging for your particular variety. Many cucumber types should be planted 6 inches apart, and 1 inch deep. 2 Observe the directions on the plant tag or label when planting transplants.

Hybrid Protection:  

To reduce transplant stress, harden the plants outside for a few days in a sheltered area before planting. The cucumber “hills” should be placed 3 to 5 feet within the row. Rows should be spaced out by 4 to 5 feet. Three feet should be left between hills and rows for bush variety.

What is the best spacing for the cucumber plant?

When daily average temperatures reach the mid-70s degrees Fahrenheit, plant cucumbers should be planted 36 to 60 inches apart (12 inches apart for trellised plants) in a region with ample sunlight and a pH range of 6.0 to 6.8 soil that is healthy and well-drained.

How Close Can Cucumbers Be Planted Together?

If you intend to frequently stroll between the rows, place the rows 18 to 24 inches apart or even more. If you want your cucumbers to grow in clusters, space the seeds 18 inches apart in all directions, in groups of three.

What Happens If You Plant Cucumber Plants Too Close Together?

If you plant cucumbers too close together, they will not have enough room to grow properly. The fruit will be small, and the plants will likely get diseases. Cucumbers should be planted 1-2 feet apart for the best results.

Can You Plant Two cucumber Plants Together?

Cucumbers shouldn’t be planted closely together. Cucumber roots and leaves require a lot of room to receive the proper amount of nutrients and have adequate air space between leaves to ward off pests and diseases.

How many cucumber seeds per hole?

Using a brand-new, fresh package, only plant one cucumber seed in each hole. For elder plants, place two seeds per hole; if more than one plant occurs, later thin the plants.

How Far Apart Should Cucumber Be Planted In USDA Plant Hardiness Zones?

Cucumbers should be planted after the soil reaches 65°F or after all frost threats have passed. Plant 4-6 seeds in rows 4 feet apart, spaced every 12 to 18 inches. Cut them back to two plants per spot after they have two leaves.


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