How To Make Sugar Cane Grow Faster In 2022?

You must know about sugarcane, its wonderful sweetness, and its health benefits. Apart from its sweet flavor and other beneficial nutrients, the plant of sugarcane itself makes one’s garden appealing. Also, it’s fun to know how to make sugar cane grow faster at home, also quite effortless when you know how to grow sugar cane. Similarly, in this guide, we are sharing simple ways on how to plant sugar cane. So, read the full article and learn what sugarcane is and how to grow sugarcane plants.

What is Sugar Cane?

Sugarcane is the world’s best commercially harvested plant. The plant sugar cane has been cultivated in Southeast Asia and India for years and has cured numerous hazardous diseases. Additionally, the plant sugarcane is responsible for supplying 70% of sugar worldwide. The tropical grass “sugar cane” is cultivated worldwide and produces refined sugar, medicinal products, and sugarcane juice. Furthermore, it is used to formulate numerous types of sugar, including brown sugar, refined white sugar, molasses, and jaggery. In addition, the juice of sugarcane contains natural minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial for human health.

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How to Grow Sugar Cane?

The best time to plant sugar cane is late summer and early fall, especially if you live in 9-10 zones. The plant will root the whole winter season and will ideally flourish in the spring season. Additionally, if you live in the coolest areas, it’s also possible to grow sugar cane. But you need to do extra care and keep the plant indoors during winters and save a plant from harsh weather. Also, when planting sugar cane, one must choose the location that gets full sunlight and contains fertile soil.

Furthermore, one of the benefits of growing sugar cane in your lawn is its great windbreakers for all your vegetable gardens because these are naturally bushy and tall. So, the unwanted wind can get controlled with your mini sugar cane fields. But, simultaneously, it can be a drawback, so consider all pros and cons when finalizing the landscape.


The stem cutting process commonly does the cultivation of sugarcane plants. However, it can be possible if you take sugar cane cuttings from someone’s garden, sugar cane fields, or buy it online, then plant sugar cane accordingly. Then, it would help if you planted the cuttings 6 feet apart in 6-inch furrows. Similarly, one must place the cuttings on the soil and bury them lightly under the soil. The same goes when you are planting indoors. However, it is essential to consider a large container for growing sugarcane indoors. Also, the container must have a good drainage hole.

Follow the simple steps on how to plant sugar cane with stem cuttings.

  • The sugarcane stem consists of stacks of nodes. Similarly, each node has leaf blasé, bud, and sheath. Therefore, propagation through stem cutting means taking out the buds and making a new plant from them.
  • For planting sugar cane with stem cutting, one needs to pick a healthy and mature stem. Then, take a knife and cleanly cut the stem from where 2 to 3 nodes are available. Also, make sure each node must contain a bud.
  • Then, it’s time to place the cuttings horizontally on the soil and bury it with light hands adequately. Add water to the soil for moisture and keep the soil hydrated as required. After some days, new roots would take place from a bud, producing a stem.

Sun and Temperature

The plant sugar cane grows perfectly in full sun and at temperatures 90-100°F. Whereas, ideal harvesting temperature is 55°F. Similarly, the sugar cane field’s growth is dependent on the temperatures and sunlight. Moreover, the sugarcane plants are not winter’s friendly, so the gardener needs to keep them indoors during the rise of winters. Additionally, if you plan to keep the plant indoors permanently, keep it at the spot where the direct sunlight enters. Most people ask whether sugarcane needs light; the answer is Yes. It is because sugarcane needs full sunlight to thrive ideally.

Water and Humidity

Enough watering is mandatory for a healthy sugarcane plant as it is required to keep the soil moist and wet. However, avoid overwatering, and the roots should not be drowning. Averagely, the plants demand 1 to 2 inches of water every week. Still, the watering is dependent on the temperature and weather.


The ideal soil can transform the sugarcane plants effortlessly and make them healthy. So, it is essential to check whether the ground is on point and can lock moisture adequately. Also, the soil must not hold a lot of water and make the roots wet. It should be well balanced and maintained. The best is to use Mulch for plume grass, as it perfectly holds moisture and prevents soil from weeds.


If your soil is enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus, then it means you are growing sugarcanes in an ideal environment. However, the amount of these nutrients in the soil must be on point and neither less nor more. Otherwise, you can end up ruining the plant. Therefore, applying a balanced fertilizer to the plant every 1 to 2 months and watering after the application is recommended. So, the fertilizer can directly reach the root at the time. Thus, avoid applying too much fertilizer when growing the sugar cane plant. Doing the same can easily make your plant suffer and burn it accordingly.


Pruning is necessary when you grow the sweet plant to enhance the garden’s beauty. Similarly, the grass can get large and spiky that demands frequent pruning to make it attractive. The ideal time for pruning is summer and spring. However, if you planted sugarcane for sucrose, then pruning is not needed.


Lastly, growing sugar cane plants can be a bit challenging but not boring at all. You will enjoy every step and feel extreme happiness when you finally observe the heavy plant. Therefore, if you invest time and energy in taking care of the plant, then within a year, you can observe a vast difference and see a mature sugarcane plant in your garden.

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