How to Grow a Liriope Plant?

Lilyturf is a native plant of East Asia and Southeast Asia. The Liriope plant is a kind of grass-like plant, and they are commonly called an evergreen plant. They are the best choice for landscaping. The fertile soil, potting soil, fertilizer, temperature, and other growing conditions are required for sowing monkey grass seeds.

The lilyturf grass is said to be the only ornamental grass. These are the perennial plants that help enhance the looks of the streets, home gardens, and other areas. There are two significant varieties of the green liriope which will discuss later.

The liriope is one of the best plants for covering the edges of the ground for walking or making an outline. Does money grass spread? Yes, the spreading liriope takes place very fast. They can grow in both situations a bit shade or a bit sunlight. But the full sunlight is the best condition for liriope monkey grass. Liriope plant produces

Scientific Name and Family of Liriope

Lily, and creeping lilyturf. The scientific name is liriope, and they belong to the family Asparagaceae. There are some familiar names of liriope like monkey grass, lilyturf.

Liriope in Winter Climate

We know that the liriope plant is an evergreen plant. But the liriope spicata is one species that can grow in all regions like summer and winter long. Therefore, the Lily grass plant requires care to maintain in winter climate. Otherwise, the liriope can face many problems in the winter season.

How to Do Liriope Winter Care

Liriope winter care is critical because the liriope plant can become dormant in the winter season. The winter leads to stopping the growing stage of lilyturf. People prefer trimming the crown of the grass like a lily in the winter. They also trim off the browned leaves of the ornamental grass liriope.

The reason behind it is that the dead part of the lilyturf can lead to the destruction of the whole plant. The pest disease and other dangerous activities of pests can affect the different parts of the plant. The best liriope winter care is to cover the lilyturf grass with the help of a layer of leaves. They stay protected in the colder climate and preserve the liriope from death.

What Is Variegated Liriope Plant

Variegated liriope plants are evergreen plants. They have long and dense green leaves, and they have contrast with yellow stripes. In the late summer season, they produce spiky lily, and the spiky lily can be in shades of purple liriope and blue liriope. These variegated liriope require well-drained soil, and soil should be drought tolerant. These are liriope edging plants that help to cover the edges of the ground. It is liriope deer resistant due to its spiky lily. Variegated monkey grass spacing should have 18 inches apart on the center. The distance between each liriope should be 24 inches.

Is Variegated Liriope A Perennial?

Some people do not know that is variegated liriope is a perennial? Yes, it is a liriope perennial plant because of its evergreen monkey grass. So here is the answer to clear their confusion.

Does Variegated Liriope Spread?

The monkey grass rooting system has the ability to spreading liriope rapidly. Some species of the liriope are not suitable for liriope edging because of the quick dividing liriope. Otherwise, they can cover a large or broad area of the ground very quickly.

Shades of Monkey Grass Flowers

There are different shades of monkey grass blooms.

White Liriope

The monkey grass with flowers looks captivating. They have milky white liriope flowers. The rich or dense green leaves of the white liriope grow in the summer season. People give preference to the monkey grass with a white flower to grow as a liriope edging.

They are widely used to produce at the corner of the ground. The white liriope enhance the beauty and fascinate the people’s attraction. Check out the Specie of the white liriope then you will be amazed.

Purple Liriope

The purple liriope is one of the most common liriope plants that require well-drained soil, a suitable range of soil pH. The purple liriope is the best liriope for full sun, whether or partial shade. Avoid them from cold or frost climates.

The spreading liriope takes place in a slow version. The dry winds and prone areas can lead to the death of the liriope plant. The leaves are long with elongation, and the monkey grass rooting system prevents them from spreading fast. Go through some growing requirements of the purple liriope.

Green Liriope

Green liriope is the evergreen plant in which the foliage is entirely dense green. With the green foliage, they produce different varieties of liriope flowers.

Blue Liriope

Blue liriope is one of the attractive and spectacular liriope flowers. People prefer to grow in their home ground due to its spiky lily present in blue color. Blue liriope ornamental monkey grass is the best choice to create a garden border.

Suppose you are not aware of progressive ideas. But for creating the best view of your garden with the help of the liriope plant, then you should have liriope landscaping ideas. Then, have a look at the details of the liriope landscaping ideas. Otherwise, you can watch out practically how to design your garden with liriope.

How to Grow a Liriope Plant?

The following are considerations that are most important to follow to grow the liriope ornamental grass.

How to Plant Monkey Grass?

People ask when to plant monkey grass. So we would like to suggest that to sow the liriope seeds at least eight weeks before the cold or frost climate.

  • The soil should be well drainage; soil moisture should be perfect for sowing the liriope seeds.
  • The water supply should be within the limit.
  • Don’t make the soil soggy.
  • The soil pH should be range from 6.0 to 7.0.
  • Light exposure is matters a lot to germinate the liriope seeds.
  • Some varieties of the lilyturf can tolerate the full sunlight.
  • Some varieties can tolerate both full sunlight and part shade.
  • For planting monkey grass seeds, there should be no weed present on the soil.
  • For soil, preparation tillage is not necessary, and we would not recommend it.
  • The reason is tillage makes the soil stop the seeds production.
  • Soak the seeds for at least 24 hours or one day.
  • Eliminate all the pulpy seeds.
  • Wash the seeds with a bleach and water combination solution. You can check out the process of making bleach and water solution.
  • Bleach helps to eliminate the seed case that can prevent seed germination.
  • Sow the seeds 1/4 inches deep in the soil. Have a tour on the review of the planting liriope seeds step by step.

When Is The Best Time To Transplant Monkey Grass?

  • The best time to transplant the lilyturf is the duration between the falls to spring.
  • When you realize the seeds turn into tiny liriope seedlings, then transplant monkey grass into the soil.
  • Transplant them before the shoot appears.
  • The dividing liriope can occur within two to three years.

When to Trim Liriope?

  • The trimming of blemished leaves takes place in the fall season.
  • The warm climate is better for trimming.
  • If you are not opting for the fall season, then wait until the spring season comes.
  • Keep an eye on them till the spring season. First, watch the complete video of cutting the lilyturf grass in the spring season. Then, those people will get the perfect answer by watching videos that ask how to prune liriope?

How Close To Plant Liriope?

When does someone ask you that how far apart do you plant liriope? If you are professional in growing liriope, then you know it. But if you are a beginner, whether professional. So the best answer is that the liriope spacing should be almost 24 inches apart. The 12 inches spacing is a must from the center to the border of the ground.

Hoe To Remove Liriope?

  • The tillage process takes place for removing the liriope plant.
  • Collect the lilyturf as much as you can.
  • When you realize the new liriope certainty occurs, use a spray to apply a bit of moisture.
  • It’s time to use herbicide but remember to use a limited amount of herbicide.
  • Try to use glyphosate.
  • Wait till two weeks, then use herbicide to apply again.
  • Repeat that procedure if there is a need. Then, to your satisfaction, can you say that removing lilyturf is good or not?

How to Maintain Liriope?

  • Liriope care is essential for the maturity of the plant.
  • Light exposure is the main factor that should consider.
  • When the plant requires shade, then the part shade should provide.
  • Otherwise, some varieties can tolerate both whole and part light.
  • The soil should have a sound drainage system.
  • The potting soil should have enough moisture but not be soggy.
  • The water supply should be on time.
  • Avoid supplying overwater.
  • The temperature should be 68 to 75 degrees.
  • In the winter, liriope care should be very appropriate.
  • The fertilizer application should provide to the lily turf plant.
  • The 10-10-10 nitrogen potassium fertilizer should provide in the spring season. But, first, go through the common problems of the monkey grass flowers.

Can You Plant Monkey Grass In Winter?

Liriope in winter can enter the stage of dormancy. But, then, they come out of the dormancy stage before the spring in the last thaw of frost. So it isn’t easy to maintain the lilyturf in the winter season. So avoid planting liriope. But if you already sow the liriope seed in spring, you have to keep them in winter.

Do Deer Eat Liriope?

Yes, rabbits and deer are the animals who love to eat liriope. But they avoid the spiky lily to eat. So spiky lily is the liriope deer resistant.

Do You Cut Liriope In The Fall?

Yes, fall is the best season for cutting r trimming the liriope plant. Use scissors or sharp blades for cutting purposes. Avoid cutting off the crown of the lily turf plant. Instead, check out the way to cut the lilyturf.

Can You Plant Monkey Grass In The Fall?

For protecting monkey grass seeds from weeds make, a layer of mulching should apply. Then, you can sow the liriope seeds in the spring after the frost fall.

How Fast Does Liriope Grow?

The Lily turd grass grows very fast. They spread negatively. We suggest you do not plant with other small plants or small liriope. Most people have no awareness because they create a mix of liriope edging. Then it destroys the other plant either, the liriope itself. So, Where to plant monkey grass should know.

What Is The Lilyturf Bloom Time?

Here you will get the answer to when the monkey grass bloom? The lilyturf bloom time starts in august and ends in September.


You can make your lily turf lawn at your home. There will be various shades of the liriope flowers that help in making your garden eye-catching. If you grow the liriope in your home garden, then liriope care is essential. Spiky lily can protect your garden from clever children or thieves entering your garden or home.

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