The Best Cordless String Trimmer In 2021 | Brush Cutter | Buying Guide

A brush cutter is an essential gardening tool that is used to execute the most challenging cutting tasks. Additionally, the brush trimmer is like the string edger or weed Wacker. However, the brush cutter is comparatively more potent than both machines. One can effortlessly trim the weed, grass, shrubs, bushes, and even small trees with the help of the best brush cutter.

Similarly, if you are a gardener, homeowner, and landscaper, you must own the best professional brush cutter for the most demanding cutting purposes. Also, the sleek design is quite handy and user-friendly that can reduce users’ day-to-day hassle and provide worry-less yard maintenance services. The best cordless string trimmer machine features a steel cutting head with spinning blades that easily trims the toughest bushes and shrubs. It is capable of serving ultimate performance in the areas where the ordinary trimmers fail to deliver.

In addition, the design is unique, and it offers a long straight handle that provides ease of use while performing heavy tasks. Therefore, you require a brush cutter if you are always worried about trimming overhead hedges and unwanted branches. It’s in no way the most acceptable idea to invest in a machine that can reduce most of the garden chores and maintain the outdoor places effectively. Also, when thinking of buying one, choose the ideal brush cutter machine, whether it would be gas-powered or an electric one. In addition, one must know about the blade types. In this article, our writers put down plenty of extensive information about the brush cutters.

Along with this, there are mentioned reviews of the best brush cutters for the readers. In the end, you would be knowing all about the machine and can easily decide which one is best to buy.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” So, check out the mentioned seven best professional brush cutters and unveil the unbelievable features.

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Seven Best Cordless String Trimmer

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Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Last update was on: September 12, 2022 5:49 pm

The Husqvarna gas string trimmer consists of a 17-inch cutting deck, 28cc gas-powered engine, two-stroke motor, and user-friendly design. The brush cutter can be your perfect companion for doing all your homemaking, gardening, and landscaping tasks.  It is all set and goes kind of trimmer that effortlessly does wonders and makes your yard clean and attractive.

The design also offers simple loading on the trimmer head, great Husqvarna brush cutter blade. Also, the air purge in the machine makes it easier to turn on the device. Thus, the versatile Husqvarna heavy-duty brush cutter is ideal for trimming all your unwanted branches and, in the end, would serve you an appealing, neat yard.

Remington RM25C 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer, Orange

Last update was on: September 12, 2022 5:49 pm

Most garden enthusiasts or homeowners who want an affordable yet best professional brush cutter should pay attention to the Remington RM25C model. The design offers a 25cc more efficient engine because of QuickStart technology that takes seconds to start. Also, it contains a curved shaft that’s versatile and offers numerous functions at the same time.

Similarly, one can use the shaft as a brush cutter and use it as a dual line bump head for reloading the line. Furthermore, the combination of 2 stroke gas powered motor and 16 inches cutting deck saves fuel and provides efficient performance. Hence, the overall design of the Remington gas powered brush cutter is user-friendly and irresistible.

The pack of battery powered string trimmer from Greenworks include brush cutting tool and bump-head line feeder system. However, the battery and charger are what you would not get with this machine. The brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality eco-friendly tools for users.

Similarly, this product is worth buying. Furthermore, the device offers noise-free cleaning operations, a digital brushless motor, eco-friendly design, and serves quick fast results. One can verify the performance of battery powered brush cutter by reviewing customer’s satisfying feedback on Amazon. Hence, the brush cutter reviews would help you in making a quick and valuable decision.

Those looking for trustable tools and accessories for the yard should pay attention to the Snapper XD string trimmer. It efficiently cuts the most challenging branches and does all the cleaning jobs of your yard in less time.

Additionally, the versatile heavy duty brush cutter is ideal for cutting a lot of grass in minimum time. Also, the brush cutter attachment features an inbuilt grass detector, three steel blades and is manufactured with 82v string trimmers. Lastly, the product is durable, can go for long years, and offers a service life.

The homeowners and contractors looking for a potent gas powered brush cutter can buy this ultimate Wild Badger machine. Its 4-stroke design and 31cc motor are enough to provide you with continuous working hours without hustle. Additionally, the stainless-steel shaft is beneficial in removing vibration and serves comfort to the operator.

Finally, it consists of an ergonomic handle that can provide an extra-strong grip even for overhead use when it comes to handling. Hence, the brush saw offers three years of warranty service along with ultimate durability. You can find good Wild Badger brush cutter reviews on Amazon and place an order now by clicking below the “BUY” button.

Greenworks 40V 13-Inch Cordless String trimmer, Battery Not Included, 21332

$56.30 $77.87
Last update was on: September 12, 2022 5:49 pm

The unique folding shaft feature of this best cordless string trimmer is what increases the product’s worth. In addition, the outstanding design serves noise-free operation that won’t make difficulties for any of your neighbours, and you can keep on working quietly. Also, the Henx battery powered string trimmer is versatile and easy to start and operate.

This is additionally the best choice for your smaller yards as the model offers a 14-inch cutting swath. Furthermore, the design contains an ergonomic handle, dual speed design, a battery pack, and a charger. Hence, get your smaller yard’s cleaning job done with this beautiful gas powered brush cutter and minimize regular hustle.

Makita is the most famous and reputable brand that is continuously manufacturing quality power tools. Performance wises it’s one of the powerful electric brush cutters containing 36v lithium-ion batteries. The machine is versatile and can perform numerous different cleaning jobs for your yard without any problem.

What to Consider When Buying a Brush Cutter?

When you finally decide to invest in a premium quality brushcutter, you must be aware of the important buying factors. This guide explains the main factors that one should consider before investing in the best brush cutter. The following are the beneficial features that one should look for in the best brush cutter before investing money.

Multi-Functional and Versatility

Numerous brush cutter machines in the market offer multi-function operations and minimize one’s day-to-day hassles and time. The versatility in these brush cutter trimmers proves efficient overhead work and smooth trimming sessions. Similarly, if you want a gas-powered brush cutter, then make sure of the availability of an air purge valve in it because it prevents air from entering the carburetor when performing overhead tasks.

Quick Change Heads

Some of the best professional brush cutters contain easy-to-change heads that are pretty effortless to swap between the functions. It’s better to pick one that provides quick-change heads.


The best is to consider the best brush containing ergonomic handles. Ergonomic handles serve a solid grip for multiple desiring positions like overhead use to users. Also, the handle must be comfy, soft, and easily controllable; additionally, the martial should not be hard and would not cause you pain.


Brush cutters machines cause vibrations while working that would be more disturbing for many users and can cause one tiring hands at the end. However, some models cause low vibration during the operations. So, to make your yard trimming duties painless, one must opt for the brushcutters that cause low vibration.

Attachments and Accessories

Mostly, the best brush cutters come with accessories and attachments to make the user’s life more feasible. At the same time, some of the models don’t consist of brush cutter attachments and accessories.  This mostly happens when you are going for a cheap product. Therefore, it’s better to invest in an expensive heavy-duty brush cutter containing all essential accessories that one will require while performing yard duties. The accessories that a brush cutter should prevent include hedge saws, line trimmers, etc.


Whenever buying any machine, it’s always essential to check the product’s warranty services. Every model contains different nature of warranty services. Some offer a lifetime guarantee. However, others only serve 2 to 5 years of warranty service. Besides, if a manufacturer provides the service life, the machine is quality-wise on point and durable. So, it’s easier for users to trust the one brush cutter that comes with appropriate service life.

Electric Vs Gas Powered Brush Cutters: Comparison

There are two types of brush cutters available in the market; one is an electric brush cutter, whereas the second is gas powered brush cutter. Let’s unveil the difference and compare the performance for better understandings.

Gas-Powered Brush Cutter

Most commonly, people use gas powered brush cutters. It contains a gas tank that can provide long hours of operation without hurdle. The cordless brush cutters are suitable for transport anywhere and use unless you have an adequate gas in the tank. Moreover, the only drawback of gas powered brush cutter is the noise and fumes it delivers. It is, hence, not the best choice for your yards because of its disturbing noise.

Electric Brush Cutter

Suppose you want quiet trimming sessions and want to make neighbours happy. In that case, the 4-stroke electric brush cutter is the best choice for you as 4 stroke machine serves noise and fumes free operations and assists users ideally in large clearing jobs effortlessly. Comparatively, the electric brush cutter is expensive than gas powered brush cutter. Moreover, the electric machines are powered by lithium-ion batteries that need maximum overnight charging before starting an operation. Hence, electric engines are quiet and efficient, allowing you to do clearing jobs in a peaceful environment.

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How You Use a Brush Cutter?

After you buy the quality and best brush cutter, it’s time to know how you use a brushcutter. Here are some of the essential tips for beginners that would help while using the machine.

  • Your brush a cutter is simultaneously edging tools around the lawn to create a clean line at any angle.
  • For your light mowing tasks, prefer using the brush cutter rather than a lawnmower as the lawnmowers would not provide the ultra-cleaning results that a brush cutter can provide.
  • The brush cutters are designed to trim unwanted branches, small trees, and long grass on farms. It was created to entertain large yards and gardens.
  • You can also take complete care of the weed and other invasive plants available in the yard with the help of brush cutters.

How Do I Sharpen My Brush Cutter?

The brush cutter blades can get dull after excessive and continuous use. Therefore, are, sharpening the blades is required before you start another trimming and cleaning job. Following are the steps that are directing you towards sharpening the best brush cutter blade. You can practice these at home and again make your machine workable.

  • It is required firstly to wash the blade. Similarly, cleaning the brush cutter blade with soapy water can clear all the debris and residue from it.
  • Next, you need is to use whetstone and other sharpening tools. It would help if you angled your whetstone to the blades. Then drag it across the blade; this creates sharp edges. Do the dragging process until the blade gets sharped.
  • After that, keep your cutter in a bag to protect it from getting rust.
  • Now, check whether your blade sharpened or not by trimming some complex branches.

The above steps are only recommended for professional homeowners, gardeners, and contractors. However, these are not suitable for beginners as they sharpen the process requires ultimate handy skills. Furthermore, the sharpness of blades can vary on the brush cutter blade types, so if you get confused, then try approaching the service centres for the sharpening process.

Accessories and Brush Cutter Attachment

Brush Cutter Blade Types

There are numerous types of blades (designed to perform different nature of tasks) the brush cutter comes with. They are:

  • Brushwood Blade: designed to trim brushwood
  • Grass Blade: created for smaller weeds and grass
  • Compost Blade: can trim tough clumps of brush and grass
  • Saw blade: cuts woody vegetation effectively

Why Do You Need a Brush Cutter?

The brush cutter is the machine that helps you clear or trim the most rigid branches, small trees, shrubs, and grass efficiently. The heavy-duty brush cutter is excellent in reaching the areas where impossible to go for any gardener. Also, it’s not only helpful in clearing the yard, but the machine works as a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and line trimmer. One can perform any cutting and clearing task effectively with this tool in a short time. Thus, those who own extensive gardens and yards would need a brush cutter machine for maintenance purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brush Cutter and Brush Trimmer

What safety equipment do I need when operating my brush cutter?

It’s always better to take some safety steps before starting a trimming session with a brush cutting machine, brush saw, or chainsaw. Otherwise, the heavy and dangerous machines can get you some serious injuries in the end. Therefore, wearing heavy boots (to protect feet), eye protection glasses (to save eyes from debris), and gloves are mandatory. Gloves are essential as it keeps you from brush cutter blade and you can continue working worry less.

Which Fuel Should I Use in a Brush Cutter?

The nature of fuel is dependent on the engine of the brush cutter. Similarly, most machines contain 2 stroke engines and 4 stroke engines. The 2-stroke engine required petrol along with 2 stroke oil. Whereas the 4-stroke engine only needs unleaded petrol to function perfectly.

Is it Possible to Leave Fuel in Gas-Powered Brush Cutter During Winters?

It is recommended for homeowners and gardeners to get the maintenance job done on their yard before the arrival of the winter season. After using the brush cutting machine, you need to check with the fuel tank and drain all leftover fuel from the tank. Similarly, leaving the power in the device for the whole season can create additives in gas. Resultantly, it will affect the machine’s performance, and then for future use brush cutter will need mandatory servicing of the carburettor. So, it’s better to drain the fuel tank the last time you use the machine.

Are Brush Cutters Heavy to Move?

Comparatively, brush cutters are heavy than most string trimmers. But the best thing is their unique slim design doesn’t make the machine look heavy. Furthermore, while performing the cleaning tasks with the brush trimmer, the operator would first not feel the heaviness. But after a couple of continuous working minutes, he can get tired and feel pain. Therefore, the harness to withstand the weight it requires. Using the gas powered brush cutter can also be noisy and cause vibrations; that is also not good for most aged gardeners’ health.

How Much One Have to Invest in a Brush Cutter?

The budget is dependent on the needs of a homeowner, gardener, or contractor. It also relies on the yard you have. For smaller yards, you can go for affordable prices. Whereas, to maintain larger yards and estates, one must invest in the durable product whether it costs you hundreds of dollars.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Brush Cutter?

It’s pretty easier to shop online rather than going to the markets numerous times. Also, in this Pandemic time., one must encourage online shopping and avoid going to random shops for everyday shopping needs. Therefore, the best and trustable platform where you can find all types of brush cutters, string trimmers, chainsaws, and other relevant gardening tools is AMAZON. In addition, it’s pretty simple to place an order on Amazon. Also, you can verify numerous models’ specifications and performance by going through brush cutter reviews effectively. Hence, after placing an order, you can receive the best brush cutter at your doorsteps within days.


Whether you are a gardener, homeowner, or contractor, it’s mandatory to have quality brush cutting tools in your gardening accessories that can effortlessly perform all the cleaning duties. Similarly, investing in a high-quality product once is better than frequently spending on maintenance on the cheap one. Once you can decide the best brush cutter for your yard, you can take full advantage of it for long upcoming years.

Therefore, always pick according to your garden needs and comfort; you can either go with an electric brush cutter or gas powered brush cutter. Both types can do the same job, but the difference is in time and performance.

Similarly, you can choose the best brush cutter from above mentioned 7 machines. Maybe that would be the perfect companion to your yard cleaning job.

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